Mazal van Arend

A slightly unorthodox jack-of-all-trades (for musicians)
gallery/bomba roja - bandfoto


Jero Crust                                 vocals

Gregory Moreman                     guitar


Manuel Dissfield                       bass


Miss Cha                                  drums


gallery/bomba roja - live at pacific parc
gallery/miss cha - drums
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gallery/bomba roja - containher (album cover)

BOMBA ROJA brings Garage Rock-'n-Roll that will turn every stage into one hot steaming mess! Ripping guitars, bouncing bass-lines, stompin’ drums and flaming vocals.

The band consists of Jero Crust, selected most handsome bartender 3 years in a row now in Amsterdam, Gregory Moreman, a fashionable hobo, Manuel Dissfield, who, in his free time travels the lecture circuit, explaining 1950’s tube amps and Miss Cha, make-up fetishist and boom-chick supreme.



Bomba Roja is the ideal candy for lovers of sweet and sour treats. This scrumptious confection is a sweet time bomb waiting to explode with a sour flavor you'll love, hence its name Bomba Roja (red bomb). These lollipops are cherry flavored and have an acidulated powder center that is intense enough to satisfy your taste buds.


Manufactured by Dulces Vero. 180 calories per serving (45g)


Ingredients: sugar, corn syrup, citric acid, artificial flavors and colors (FD&C Red No. 40 and FD&C Yellow No. 5)