Mazal van Arend

A slightly unorthodox jack-of-all-trades (for musicians)
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Music Management

After many demands by the fans, Dirk Polak puts the Mecano pieces back on stage. This time under the new name: Mecano Un-Ltd.


The other band members are:

Mick Ness, Mark Ritsema, Drum Sin, Peter Jessen and occasionally Idan Karucci.

Jane Proove is one of the first R&B performers to enrich the Netherlands.


She worked with the legendary Tony Scott (Turn Up The Bass), scored a big club hit with The Only One and was the support act for Queen Latifah.


Jane is currently working on her comeback. Meanwhile she performs with famous Disco and Pop Classics.

I am a music-minded entrepreneur who likes to do all sorts of different things.


This has led to three different paths that meet regularly. As Deejay Eclectic I spin songs, mostly at weddings, in addition to parties I organize under the name Mazalino. I also provide party supplies for those who give a party themselves. Apart from that, I support an eclectic group of musicians with activities such as promotion, getting gigs, financial affairs and as a tour manager.


Do you have an idea for a collaboration? Feel free to contact me to exchange ideas.

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Rent a PA system that is: easy to use, easy to transport, highly reliable, and has incredible sounding package.


Making it the perfect choice for DJs, small music groups and parties at home.

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