Mazal van Arend

A slightly unorthodox jack-of-all-trades (for musicians)
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Music Management

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After many demands by the fans, Dirk Polak puts the Mecano pieces back on stage. This time under the new name: Mecano Un-Ltd.


The other band members are:

Mick Ness, Mark Ritsema, Drum Sin, Peter Jessen and occasionally Idan Karucci.

Garage Rock-'n-Roll that will turn every stage into one hot steaming mess!


The band consists of Jero Crust, selected most handsome bartender 3 years in a row now in Amsterdam, Gregory Moreman, a fashionable hobo, Manuel Dissfield, who, in his free time travels the lecture circuit, explaining 1950’s tube amps and Miss Cha, make-up fetishist and boom-chick supreme.

I am a music-minded entrepreneur who likes to do all sorts of different things.


This has led to three different paths that meet regularly. As Deejay Eclectic I spin songs, mostly at parties I organize myself under the name Mazalino. I can also provide the needed party supplies. In addition, I support an eclectic group of musicians with activities such as promotion, getting gigs financial affairs and as a tour manager.


If you feel like we could be doing something together, feel free to contact me.

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Rent a PA system that is: easy to use, easy to transport, highly reliable, and has incredible sounding package.


Making it the perfect choice for DJs, small music groups and parties at home.